Wings park is a vibrant private community owned airfield.
Our runways are long enough to facilitate most general aviation aircraft.
Our focus is on lifestyle aviation where family, friends and visitors are welcome.

About us

A little about our history

In 2006, four of the current shareholders (James Wardle, Patrick Hill, Steve Onions & Willie Pieterse) were the early pioneers who set about to find a suitable new home for general aviation in East London as the local airport offered little expansion possibility. Once the sale land had been negotiated with the owners at the time, the pioneering team set about to establish and develop a facility that could include the larger local aviation community. Over the past few years, WIngs Park has been evolved and developed into the stunning facility that it is today.

  • Facilities - Two runways and linking taxiways
  • Fuel - Wings Park has a full refuelling station that offers Mogas & Avgas - onsite credit card facilities.
  • Recreational Boma - A fully equipped double storey entertainment facility is in regular use by shareholders and guests.
  • Game Reserve - Several game species can be found in our game fenced reserve.

Meet the team

Pilot information

This airfield is a private facility and is an unlicensed airfield - any individual, pilot, passenger or visitor to wings park accordingly indemnifies all person and legal entities who may be considered vicariously liable in the operation of any aircraft or activity at wings park airfield from all and any claims, whether due to the act, omission or neglegence of the pilot, the owner, wings park (Pty) ltd, it's directors, exco, shareholders,lessees,employees or agents. No aircraft landing, taking off or manoevering is permitted at wings park unless the pilot flying has completed and filed our mandatory indemnification form.

Mandatory Pilot indemnity form

If you are a visiting pilot and would like to arrange refuelling,
contact one of the shareholders on this list

If there has been significant rain, the runways could be unsuitable for aircraft operations.
If you are unsure as to their suitability, please contact a shareholder or one of the team to enquire.

Flying Weather

Macleantown Weather: (Closest station to Wings Park)

East London Airport Weather

Flight Training

Border Aviation Club operates a licensed flight training facility (ATO) at Wings Park that covers ab initio training, flight renewals and aircraft type conversions that covers a range of aircraft from microlights to fixed wing aircraft.

Visit Border Aviation Club for flight training

Wings Park vision

Wings Park is the resulting development after an extensive search by several individuals to find a suitable airfield that could accommodate the present and future needs of general aviation in the East London region. The vision is for an air park that will allow individuals to erect their hanger on an exclusive use piece of ground with sufficient common runway and security facilities to accommodate the majority of general aviation aircraft requirements in this region.

The vision also allows for significant growth of facilities forming part of this estate, but the idea is to keep the operating cost to the shareholders and pilots as low as practically possible and using supplemental income from renting out the farm house and grazing land to subsidize the estate maintenance costs. It was envisioned that separate tracks of land could further be leased out to entrepreneurial parties to conduct entertainment services for the greater community like quad bike riding, paintball games, flea market, tea garden and many other such activities, the location venue being conducive for such.

The primary focus for Wings Park is that of an airfield and aviation activities are to be encouraged from not only the shareholders, but also invited commercial operators, aviation clubs and the general public. “Noise has the right of way” at Wings Park. It is therefore fair to interpret the venue as a family oriented venuethat caters not only for general aviation, but also the outdoor needs of our shareholder’s families. With safety of prime concern, current and future developments will focus on enhancing the shareholder’s pleasure and enjoyment of this magnificent facility. It is important that we have preservation of the initial vision, for that is what the bulk of early shareholders bought into and that is their expectation.

Wings Park membership

The philosophy of operations at Wings Park is based on the concept of the "user pays" principle so that individuals do not end up cross subsidising others. Although we welcome visitors to fly in an visit us, those who do so on a very frequent basis or those that fly shareholders aircraft or keep and operate their own aircraft out of shareholder's hangers, will appreciate that it's only fair that they should also contribute to the maitenance of the runways and facilities. If you are one of these individuals then we would appreciate you becoming a member of Wings Park.

Wings Park membership manual

Membership application form

Shareholders section

The shareholders of Wings Park collectively own and manage all the common assetts. Each year, the EXCO is voted into place by the shareholders at the companies AGM. The EXCO then chooses a Chairman for the year period. All documents, financials and any legal related content is available to all shareholders in the private shareholders section.

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Wings Park events

Our calender shows all Wings Park sepcific events as well as events for Border Aviation club and the wider aviation community.
Should you wish to have an event added, please e-mail the information to us

Feel free to contact us

Please contact the relevany individual in matters relating to the operational aspects of Wings Park. Please do not contact any of the listed individuals or channels if you are selling / advertising or marketing any products. We reserve the right to be contacted only in instances where matters have a direct bearing to the functioning of wings park as an entity and registered company

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Legal Disclaimer

Any Individual, Pilot, Passenger or Visitor to Wings Park accordingly Indemnify all persons and Legal entities who may be considered vicariously liable in the Operation of any aircraft or activity at Wings Park Airfield from all and any claims, whether due to the act, omission and negligence of the pilot, the owner, Wings Park (Pty) Limited, its Directors, Shareholders, Lessees, Employees or Agents.